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Essential Self Defense Gear is a safe place for your online shopping. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our site is evidenced in our top tier security certifications and practices.  We insist on unparalleled security through cutting edge data encryption and regularly assessed compliance with PCI standards.  Working with our partners, we've made Essential Self Defense Gear the safest place to purchase your personal and business self defense and security products.

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Essential Self Defense Gear is committed to providing you with an expansive selection of hand picked self defense products such as: chemical defense sprays, pepper sprays, stun guns, tasers, knives, brass knuckles, self defense key-chains, tactical batons, night sticks, flashlights, tactical flashlights, survival gear, self defense instruction, martial arts instruction, personal alarms, surveillance cameras, home security systems and more. All the self-defense and security products in Essential Self Defense Gear's wholesale catalog have been carefully chosen by our expert staff members for their reliability, durability, practicality and street effectiveness. Essential Self defense Gear is genuinely concerned about your safety. We strive to equip good people with the resources and tools they need to stop aggression and effectively protect themselves. We are tired of seeing good people become victims of crime and violence.

If you are looking to purchase effective self-defense items, you are at the right place. Check out our assortment of highly effective personal protection weapons. We offer the highest quality self defense products at a fraction of our competitors price. Moreover, we offer free shipping for all orders within the Continental United States. You will find our prices are the best around. With our Low Prices and Free Shipping, we will always beat our competition! If you happen to find a better deal, let us know. We will match or beat any competitor; That means you can be sure you're getting the best equipment at the best prices when you shop with Essential Self Defense Gear. SHOP NOW

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We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from essentialselfdefensegear.com. If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return the item within 30 days from the order date for a full refund with no hassle or questions asked.

Our top selling self-defense products

brutus keychains

Brutus Self Defense Keychain

With The Brutus Self-Defense Key-chain, you’ll be better equipped than ever to effectively defend yourself during a street attack.

wildfire pepper spray

WildFire 18% Pepper Spray

WildFire 18% Pepper Spray has been declared the hottest pepper spray on the market by several independent lab tests.

self defense stun gun

Taser Pulse

The subcompact TASER® PULSE is the perfect everyday self-defense stun gun that is made up to law enforcement standards.



This Kubotan self defense key chain can be kept in your pocket. When threatened or attacked, simply use this Kubotan to attack the nerve points and soft tissues of your attacker and cause him to suffer from intense pain.

triple action

Mace Triple Action

Mace Triple Action combines the Maximum Strength Formula of Law Enforcement Strength OC Pepper Spray and Invisible UV Marking Dye with the added power of disorienting CN Tear-Gas.

self defense taser

18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun

The Trigger 18,000,000 volt stun gun flashlight with wrist strap disable pin by Safety Technology has a unique trigger design for easy operation and lifetime warranty.