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In addition to providing you with an expansive selection of reliable and effective self defense weapons and security products, Essential Self Defense Gear is committed to providing our consumers with realistic and effective self defense techniques.Weapons are not always an option. Having the proper skills and reacting correctly  to an unexpected violent attack can mean the difference between life or death. In order to provide you with realistic life saving self defense techniques, we have networked with reputable self defense instructors that specialize in effective hand to hand combat, anti-bullying and rape prevention . We only promote personal self defense techniques that are realistic and proven to be effective. There is a lot of hype in the self defense industry. Many commercial self defense education programs are flashy and unpractical.They do not teach the proper fundamentals of realistic self defense and give a false sense of security to the consumer.Our goal is to guide our readers towards quality martial arts and/or self defense instruction. 

Essential Self Defense Gear is more than just an online self defense weapons store. It is a resource center and a guide to realistic and effective self defense. We strive to provide our readers with quality content aimed at addressing every aspect of self defense and personal security. Self Defense related content such as videos, vlogs, articles, and blogs will be posted regularly.  

Your safety is our concern. Our mission is to provide everyday people with the essential self defense tools and techniques needed to stop an unexpected attack and ensure safety.

Violent crimes occur around the clock and within minutes of each other. Robberies, burglaries, assaults, rape, and murder are non stop and many wonderful people unexpectedly become victim to a violent act. Sadly, measures to ensure our personal safety and security are too often  neglected. Watch the following video provided by Safety Technology.